Frogville: Heymon

Full-Dome, Flat Screen. 3D 15min

In the heat of a summer night, on the marshy grass land, groups of frogs dressed up anxiously await… The mid-night party is about to open… It’s time to sing, to dance and to party! The playful Heymon tadpole sneaks away from mom’s attention to have fun....All the sudden, a fishing net flies into pound, scoops up the Heymon tadpole…..A joyous mid-night party has just turned into a panicking rescue. The determined Heymon mom has nothing on her mind but to find her baby… Yet where was the little Heymon tadpole taken to? What will Heymom mom encounter on the journey looking for baby? Who can help Heymon mom to find her baby? Could Heymon mom overcome all obstacles and find her baby safe home? The episode #1 of a 3D triology titled “FrogVille: Finding Heymon 3D!” had just been opened at theaters. It is a film project sponsored by the National Institutions of Taiwan with the supports by the scientists and environmental agencies.